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8 Must-Have Tech Gadget Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

In Gadgets, Tech by Joe Weintraub6 Comments

Everyone loves a good gadget. Gone are the days when this stuff was just for the guy in your life: A.K.A. MANTOYS. Electronics and the tech gadgets that we love are getting smaller and more accessible than ever before. From something that you use every day, to things we carry around everywhere with us, there is a huge range of fun stuff to choose from. They are becoming such a big part of our life … Read More

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Metallica …And Justice For All – Turns 30!

In Music, Reviews, Vinyl by Craig SmithLeave a Comment

Metallica …And Justice For All Turns 30 30 Years!? I can’t believe it! Fall of 1988. I was a Senior in High-School in Stow, Ohio. We had just seen Metallica completely destroy all of the bands on the Monsters of Rock Tour that Summer at the Akron Rubber Bowl. Van Halen, The Scorpions, Dokken… all great bands sure.. but everyone was there to see Metallica. I remember at one point during the concert James Hetfield … Read More

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7 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

In Blogging, Make Money With Your Blog, Starting a Blog by Joe Weintraub7 Comments

There are literally millions of blogs out there. People start them for a multitude of reasons, from having a personal passion to wanting to develop authority within a particular sector or niche and of course as an excellent side hustle to make some money. However, the content of your blog is only as relevant as the number of people who see it. Popular blogs, when set up correctly, can make the blog owner plenty of … Read More

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Guitarists – Technical Work for the Long Run

In Guitar Lessons, Music by Craig SmithLeave a Comment

Technical Work for the Long Term Technical Work. Yeah I know, who has the time right? Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, every musician can benefit from regular technical workouts. I have seen the results first hand both in my students and my own playing. Working on the technical aspects of your playing will make everything else you play feel easier in comparison. If you’re in a cover band and have a … Read More

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Blogging Tips and Blunders

In Blogging by Joe WeintraubLeave a Comment

The moment you decided to become a full-time blogger, you knew it was the right career for you right? You absolutely love spilling your feelings out to your online followers and you use the platform to gain advice from other people who have similar interests as you. You now realize there are many unexpected costs of blogging that you wish you knew about before. It’s the price of running a successful online business. Whether it’s paying … Read More

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Puppy Pitfalls to Avoid With Your New Pet

In Lifestyle, Pets by Joe Weintraub2 Comments

Adding a puppy to the family is always such an exciting time. Your new pet is sure to bring you and your family plenty of laughs, love and years of pure joy. Let’s face it though, a puppy can be a huge responsibility, and if you neglect some important things in the early few weeks and months, you can pay the price throughout the rest of your dog’s life. Destruction, chewing, barking, aggression, fear, and … Read More

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Adding a Dog To Your Family

In Lifestyle, Pets by Joe Weintraub3 Comments

Whether you’ve been thinking of adding a dog to your family for a while, or you have suddenly decided that now is the right time to add a furry friend to your home, you might be wondering what you should know about becoming a pet parent. The important thing to remember is that pets are for life, and they’re not something that you can get and then get bored of. If you’re going to take … Read More